Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Its been so long... what have I been up to?

Well well well. Its been more than a month and Im finaly back to posting. Well I havn't spent the month drooling on myself and picking my nose. I've been working on a Harad army list for the 600 point Lord of the Rings Grand Tourny in Feb. Having chosen Harad it unfortunatly means I have to paint like a bujillion little dudes in red, puprle, black and gold. Im half way done and I will post som pics hopefully in the next few days. Im slowly getting a feel for the army and how it runs and I've won and lost an equal amount of times so far 2-2. The most difficulty I face is the high defence armies like Uruk-hai and Morannon Orks (big surprise lots of dudes play those armies). Having chose an army I think looks cool as aposed to an army I know will dominate (read: play itself with the right dice rolls... jk... I kid I kid) I now find myself learning to be a better player. Stratagies I would typically overlook with a heavy hitting army I now must learn to master, such as mass attacks and using a flank to my advantage. Unfortunatly facing what seems to be such hard to kill armies brings out a bad side of my charater I generally try to hide away. I HATE LOSING. I don't think Im a sore loser, but when faced with the task of constantly needing 6s on my dice to make a dent in an army my inner cry-baby starts to surface. There is nothing worse than chucking 5 Harad warriors at 1 morranon ork and winning the fight only to roll all 5s. Even worse when I finally get the 6 I need the dice is called cocked because it landed on a terrain piece and isn't completely flat. Im sorry but here comes a cry - baby tyrade. If my dice isn't standing on its fucking edge and its clearly a 6 and would have been a fuckin 6 if the fucking woods area terain was there or not than its a FUCKING 6. Fuck you and your fucking cocked dice, suck my cocked dice... (pause and take a deep breath)... ok sorry about that, but in a game where I need 6 and all I get are 5 I et a little hot when a 6 is turned down. Any hoo as I said im learning to stratagize and keep my cool in a seemingly unbeatable situation, I hope to come out of this a better general and a better sportsman. (p.s. if any of my gaming budies read this and think Im talking about you... your probobly right, but I still love ya, Im just a baby sometimes)
Coming soon : pictures of my dudes, My Harad army list, Tourney chat

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