Saturday, February 28, 2009

They like me... they really like me.

So I played in the Gathering in the Desert Lord of the Rings Indy GT recently and had tons of fun. The best part was winning Best Sportsman, not only because I won something at my first Tourny, but because It showed to me that my efforts to be a better sportsman and controll the INNER CRYBABY are paying off. Truth be told I had more fun over that one weekend than any other gaming event I can remember. Anyway this is just a short post to remark on my progress. I know Ive been talking about pics of all my troops and I havn't forgotten. My camera is on the fritz and Im waiting to get it fixed. Also I've been working on my Chaos Orks for Fantasy... more on that latter.
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  1. Hi David, BrentS here. I saw your profile over at Chris's Blog. Anyway, just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed our classic Harad vs Harad border skirmish. Take care!